Composer/songwriter Brett Boyett’s songwriting collaborations with Beth Curry (Broadway star of Legally Blonde and Young Frankenstein) have lead to several placements in film and TV in recent years. Responding to positive feedback about their unique sound, the duo officially named themselves Totsy and released a digital LP in late 2011. Their sound is driven by Curry’s unique vocal stylings and Boyett’s guitar and production. Harkening back to the days of burlesque theater, speakeasys and light cabaret music, their music takes a quirky twist on occasion, featuring vocal percussion and emulating the sounds of instruments using only their voices.


The name Totsy was derived from “hotsy-totsy” which means “about as right as can be” and was coined by American cartoonist Billie De Beck in the 1920’s. Current day usage of “hotsy-totsy” is more along the lines of “hottie.”


Playing the Edison November 13th! 

It is true! We are playing the magical venue, The Edison! The Edison is a world class lounge that retains architectural and mechanical artifacts; an homage to its history as the first private power plant in Downtown Los Angeles. It's one of my personal favorites! We will be playing three sets and adding some extra new songs....so don't miss it!!

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What has Totsy been up to? 

We just did a fabulous special event in Vegas for Creative Destinations. It was a blast! They built an entire speak easy just for us!!

Speaking of speak easy, it's Christmas time! And you know what that means! Santa Likes Naughty Girls Too!!!! Download it now!

To go along with your Christmas music, how about a pair of  some sassy "Santa Likes Naughty Girl Too" black undies!! We only have a few left, so get them while they still exist!!!